Episode 19 – Truth for a Lie


Today’s episode is a reminder that truth still matters, even in a “post-truth” era. Jaye discusses the  abandonment of truth among many conservative evangelicals in the United States in pursuit of political power.  What does the Bible say about truth, and what does it mean for those in American society who claim to hold the Bible as the inspired or literal word of God, yet also profess allegiance to Trump, nationalism, and the Republican Party?

*Apologies in advance for unforeseen technical difficulties in post-production (i.e. a running train has been stuck behind my house for the past couple of days! – Jaye).

Episode 18 – Lock the Danger In


Today’s episode explores the Second Amendment to the US Constitution in light of the recent mass shootings and rhetoric from American politicians surrounding crime, terrorism, gun control and mental illness. Jaye presents what some listeners may consider a surprising take on the issue of gun control and the Second Amendment. Also, Jaye makes the argument that how politicians, interest groups and the media discuss these issues does the American people a disservice. Does the way we understand and respond to crime and terrorism truly make us safe?

Episode 17 – Winning Über Alles


TRIGGER WARNING: This episode includes discussion of sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised.

Today’s episode continues with the subject matter of alleged sexual misconduct on the part of famous and powerful figures, and how we react to these accounts. This time, Jaye focuses on the case of Roy Moore, the former state court judge running for the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions in the state of Alabama. Moore, a controversial politician strongly aligned with the Religious Right, has been accused of making sexual advances towards teenagers, including a 14 year old girl, in the late 1970s. Why are many of us inclined to take the word of the accused if we can relate to them, or if they are powerful figures we like? Is “winning” more important than standing by our word?

The Washington Post Story

Episode 16 – Believe Them


TRIGGER WARNING: This episode includes discussion of sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised.

In today’s episode, Jaye frames the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal and other sexual misconduct incidents currently in the news as part of a larger discussion on how we respond to oppression and violence. Why are many of us inclined to take the word of the accused if we can relate to them, or if they are powerful figures we like? At the same time, why do we hide behind “they weren’t convicted” or “I wasn’t there” to justify not believing the survivors? Jaye discusses the dynamic of privilege from a place of self-awareness and gives her thoughts on how we can better respond to people who share their experiences.

Episode 15 – Lügenpresse


In today’s episode, Jaye discusses the changes Donald Trump is making to health care, and the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. How has Trump reacted to the natural disaster and loss of life in Puerto Rico, and what does his reaction say about what the president values? In addition, Jaye delves into the role of a free press, and brings historical context to why Trump’s constant attacks on the news media are dangerous for democracy.

Episode 14 – Vivir el Dream: Interview with Allison K. Garcia


In today’s episode, Jaye interviews Allison K. Garcia, author of the highly rated novel Vivir el Dream. Allison shares her perspective as a writer, counselor, and Christian active in her church and the local Latino community. The stories of those she has known and lived life with serve as inspiration for her novel about the undocumented immigrant experience. Vivir el Dream is an evocative book with many themes woven throughout, such as Christian faith, desperation, empathy, and hope. Jaye’s conversation with Allison also touches on the hostile environment the rise of Trump has cultivated for people of color, including Latinos, and other vulnerable people. What can the Church do to support undocumented as well as documented immigrants? Check out the episode to learn more!

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Jaye Gets Personal About Health Care on “The Podcasting Couch”


The Podcasting Couch – Episode 30: Listen

On a recent episode of The Podcasting Couch with Chris Carlson, Jaye appears as a guest. Chris chats with her about her personal stake in the health care debate, how she got into podcasting, and other political topics.

The Podcasting Couch is a showcase of interviews with podcasters covering many topics and genres. Subscribe and listen here:

The Podcasting Couch with Chris Carlson


Episode 13 – Jemele Told the Truth


In today’s episode, Jaye discusses the controversial tweets by ESPN personality Jemele Hill regarding Donald Trump. What about the substance of her tweets? And why is the White House reaction to these tweets problematic for democracy? Jaye also talks authoritarianism, and speaks directly to people who supported Trump in November 2016.

Weekly Authoritarianism List by Amy Siskind

Episode 12 – Crisis of Authority


TRIGGER WARNING: This episode includes sensitive subjects, such as sexual assault, rape, and child abuse, which may be triggering to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

In today’s episode, Jaye talks religious “insider baseball” regarding the Nashville Statement and American evangelicalism. After a turbulent August in the United States with Charlottesville and Hurricane Harvey, and Trump’s words and actions regarding domestic terrorism, transgender people in the military, the pardoning of Joe Arpaio, and his desire to roll back DACA, prominent evangelical leaders have failed to address the issues of the current age. The Nashville Statement demonstrates a missed opportunity for American evangelical leadership to show true Christian love towards LGBT Americans. Furthermore, Jaye discusses why their actions in a Trumpian America have constituted an abdication of their spiritual authority.

Nashville Statement

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