Several Democratic candidates are running to be the party’s nominee for President of the United States. Jaye believes it matters less which candidate becomes the Democratic nominee, but more so what direction the Democratic Party will go in the 2020 election. Will the Democrats focus on recruiting Donald Trump supporters, or convincing non-voters to go to the polls? Jaye argues that focusing on Trump supporters will guarantee a loss for the Democrats, and the best way forward in 2020 and beyond is to excite non-voters and turn out their base with a slate of common-sense progressive reforms.

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In Part 2 of our two-parter first installment of Riverside Chats, host Jaye Pool is joined by her husband Chuckles as they share with listeners just a little bit of their lively political conversations – as a couple with differing political views. Today’s episode includes a conversation about the usefulness of historical parallels to describe current political conditions. Jaye and Chuckles discuss the politics of fear and the framing of today’s leadership in reference to past events. Do even hyperbolic comparisons have value in political discourse? The Riverside Chats special format is brought to Potstirrer Podcast on occasion to include some diversity of thought to the show and to encourage learning and discussion outside of the “echo chambers” of the right and the left.

The Senate has just released a draft of their version of Trumpcare – and it is no better than the House version. This is an $800 billion cash grab and will leave more people uninsured than BEFORE the ACA (Obamacare). In other words – this is worse than health care was before the ACA was even enacted. Call your senators NOW and tell them to vote NO on the BCRA/AHCA (Trumpcare).

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