In today’s episode, Jaye discusses the changes Donald Trump is making to health care, and the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. How has Trump reacted to the natural disaster and loss of life in Puerto Rico, and what does his reaction say about what the president values? In addition, Jaye delves into the role of a free press, and brings historical context to why Trump’s constant attacks on the news media are dangerous for democracy.

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In Part 1 of our two-parter first installment of Riverside Chats, host Jaye Pool is joined by her husband Chuckles as they share with listeners just a little bit of their lively political conversations – as a couple with differing political views. Today’s episode includes debates regarding illegal immigration, the future of health care, the economy and jobs, student loans, Hillary Clinton, and Democratic Party strategy for 2018 and 2020. The Riverside Chats special format is brought to Potstirrer Podcast on occasion to include some diversity of thought to the show and to encourage learning and discussion outside of the “echo chambers” of the right and the left.

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TRIGGER WARNING: This episode includes sensitive subjects such as rape, medical issues, and death, and may be triggering to some listeners.

In today’s episode, host Jaye Pool discusses the passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), also known as Trumpcare, in the House of Representatives. Jaye discusses health care as a moral and life issue, and calls for the 217 representatives voting for the Trumpcare bill to be accountable to the constituents in the districts they serve. In addition, Jaye discusses why many of the 217 refuse to answer for their health care vote, and shares grassroots tips for progressives to begin tearing down the Republican wall of electoral safety from the ground up.