Welcome to 2019! It’s a new year, and Jaye ushers it in with her thoughts on the government shutdown and the Wall, advice for the Democratic Party regarding the 2020 presidential election, and a read on Vice President Mike Pence.

What makes Mike Pence worse than Donald Trump, and why would a Pence presidency be worse for the United States than Trump remaining in office?

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With Donald Trump verbally capitulating to Vladimir Putin during the Helsinki summit July 16, the Russia investigation heating up, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigating the NRA for potential money laundering for the benefit of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Trump is clearly embroiled in a great deal of controversy. But in the face of it, Trump tells the American people to believe him over the facts that are publicly available. Evangelical leaders are also steering their flock toward belief in Trump – elevating their defenses of Trump over the Bible they state is inerrant. Will there come a time where Trump Christians will have a moment of clarity and decide that their deal with the devil is untenable?

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In today’s episode, Jaye interviews Allison K. Garcia, author of the highly rated novel Vivir el Dream. Allison shares her perspective as a writer, counselor, and Christian active in her church and the local Latino community. The stories of those she has known and lived life with serve as inspiration for her novel about the undocumented immigrant experience. Vivir el Dream is an evocative book with many themes woven throughout, such as Christian faith, desperation, empathy, and hope. Jaye’s conversation with Allison also touches on the hostile environment the rise of Trump has cultivated for people of color, including Latinos, and other vulnerable people. What can the Church do to support undocumented as well as documented immigrants? Check out the episode to learn more!

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In today’s episode, Jaye talks religious “insider baseball” regarding the Nashville Statement and American evangelicalism. After a turbulent August in the United States with Charlottesville and Hurricane Harvey, and Trump’s words and actions regarding domestic terrorism, transgender people in the military, the pardoning of Joe Arpaio, and his desire to roll back DACA, prominent evangelical leaders have failed to address the issues of the current age. The Nashville Statement demonstrates a missed opportunity for American evangelical leadership to show true Christian love towards LGBT Americans. Furthermore, Jaye discusses why their actions in a Trumpian America have constituted an abdication of their spiritual authority.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes sensitive subjects, such as sexual assault, rape, and child abuse, which may be triggering to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

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Nashville Statement

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