Potstirrer Podcast has now joined Flying Machine Network!

Flying Machine Network is a community of super talented content creators who are making awesome, unique and original podcasts. To learn more about the network and to check out the other amazing Flying Machine Network podcasts, check out FlyingMachine.network.

Now, you might be wondering – what does this mean for the future of Potstirrer Podcast? Over time, having a community of content creators to share ideas with will be instrumental in honing the quality of Potstirrer Podcast. You will also be exposed to the work of these excellent creators I’ll be working with, and there will be some other really cool stuff coming down the pike as well – so stay tuned!

But don’t worry – the core voice of Potstirrer Podcast will continue to be well-researched, hard-hitting, independent, and from the heart. That will never change.

I’m honored to receive the opportunity to join Flying Machine Network, and I hope you – my listeners – also look forward to this new chapter.

– Jaye


The Podcasting Couch – Episode 30: Listen

On a recent episode of The Podcasting Couch with Chris Carlson, Jaye appears as a guest. Chris chats with her about her personal stake in the health care debate, how she got into podcasting, and other political topics.

The Podcasting Couch is a showcase of interviews with podcasters covering many topics and genres. Subscribe and listen here:

The Podcasting Couch with Chris Carlson


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