Episode 100 – The Truth is Cancelled

In Episode 100, Jaye celebrates the milestone by taking on the topic of cancel culture. Cancel culture is praised by advocates and maligned by critics, but is often ill-defined. Jaye delves into the origin and types of cancel culture, including the deplatforming of celebrities, boycotting of companies, and shaming of private individuals, as responses to statements, policies or behaviors deemed offensive or problematic.

In addition, Jaye calls attention to cancel culture through the censorship of ideas, facts, and knowledge. Censorship in the US is on the rise, including state bans on the teaching of accurate history and civics under the guise of “critical race theory,” and book bans in school districts targeting works that champion diversity and tell the stories of people from marginalized communities. What is the ultimate goal of pro-censorship advocates and how do their efforts endanger democracy?